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About Us

STATEMENT APPAREL was founded to combat the negative vantage point from which many people view their surroundings, careers, and even their individual lives. With this in mind, all of our apparel items - from t-shirts to tank tops to snapbacks - contain short and memorable statements.
The statements vary in type – from those of self-empowerment and motivation to those that rebel against commonly held misconceptions and cultural norms.
We want people to memorize these statements, whether or not they buy our products, and repeat them to themselves and others when confronted with a challenge that may cause them to question their knowledge, their beliefs, or even their abilities as an individual.
People need to stand up for what they believe in – their faith, their beliefs, and most importantly, themselves.
We just want to help people along that path.
So please go ahead and browse our products, whether or not you're looking to buy clothes. Read what’s printed on our apparel; then go out equipped with self-confidence… go out and live your statement.
19 year old founder and owner of STATEMENT APPAREL
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